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The Diva and the Orphan

This story is available here with the permission of Jessica Norris. The original version is published on Vocal. You can view more of her creative work on Vocal by clicking here. I stroll through the neighborhood holding Zelda's leash. My aunt holds Boone's leash. The...

Boone’s Blooms: Prepping for a wedding

Boone's Blooms: Prepping for a wedding The process is more involved than you might think It was Monday. The wedding was on Friday. I could get everything ready by then. As I got off the plane from Charleston, SC to Rochester, NY, I was excited and nervous to work on...

Boone’s Tips: Keeping Cut Flowers Fresh

Boone’s Tips: Keeping Cut Flowers Fresh

"These flowers are a symbol of my love for you," he said, presenting me with the gorgeous bouquet for our anniversary. "You are so sweet," I replied. Let's hope your love for me doesn't die out in two days like these flowers will, I thought. I was determined to not...

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