Supply Chain Disruption: Get your orders in now!

by | Sep 8, 2021

Autumn is almost here, and the holidays are fast approaching! The Fall brings with it reflections on the times already gone by and on our blessings. There are harvest festivals, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and hopefully some cooler weather to look forward to! 

The color schemes are changing too.

This Autumn, Boone’s Blooms is offering modern arrangements with either muted autumn tones or a burgundy and white color scheme as company favorites. We also offer traditional arrangements with yellows, oranges mums, and sunflower focus. Modern and traditional arrangements available. We are excited about the types of arrangements we create for this time of year.


But we need to be honest with you.

There are disruptions in supply chains. Flower shortages and COVID-19 are impacting the farms and transportation. Deliveries are not always arriving on time, so we may need to pivot with bloom selection.

Boone’s Blooms has received word that some of its flower suppliers are finding it difficult to fill flower orders at the speed and in the amounts that they normally do.

Part of this is because flowers come from all over the globe. The Netherlands is the top producer of cut flowers in the world, with Brazil, Sweden, Ecuador, and Denmark also in the top five for flower production. We want you to know what all this means when it comes to your orders from Boone’s Blooms.

When it’s time to order your arrangement:

There may be limitations in selection. Some types of flowers might not be available. Thankfully, Boone’s blooms is committed to creating high-quality arrangements to meet your floral needs and helping you select something wonderful. Talk to us about what you want, and we will do our best to deliver and offer the best alternatives based on what is available.

Some blooms may not arrive on time. Boone’s Blooms will work closely with you to find the best possible substitute for your blooms if what we had planned doesn’t arrive. We encourage you to order early. The sooner we can reserve flowers for you, the better chance we have of getting exactly what you want!

 Pricing will increase. This is something beyond our control at the moment. Since Mother’s Day, flower pricing has gone up as much as 25-30%.  Some of our suppliers are requesting deposits for large orders and not allowing refunds for cancellations. Lower availability also drives up the cost of the flowers that are available. We are actively seeking out additional supply partners and local sources.

What you can do to help

Let us know what it is that you want. If you know you are planning a gathering or event this Fall or Holiday season, let us know! We are already ordering flowers for November. The earlier we have your order, the better we can plan. This also helps us keep the costs as low as possible for you and helps ensure that your arrangement is ready.

We are so excited about what this Fall and holiday season will bring. There are lots of opportunities where a flower arrangement can be the perfect addition to your family get-together or event. With a little extra planning, we can create arrangements that are just right for you!

Check out some of our current arrangements.