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Make a FRESH first impression!

Boone’s Blooms


Flowers instantly bring warmth and elegance to your Business, Home or Gathering!

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Boone’s Blooms For Business

Flower Boutique

A specially designed program for your business

How it Works

Boone’s Blooms consults with your business on the arrangements you need for your space. Perhaps you want the perfect welcoming splash of flowers when your customers walk in the door; a conference room table; various complimentary pieces in your lobby or each table could use a small vase arrangement. We chat about frequency and schedule and any color or flower preferences, then BOOM! A smiling Boone’s Blooms delivery person is bringing you beautiful arrangements.

Boones Blooms for Realtors

Flower Boutique

By Popular Demand, we’ve developed a program especially for you!

How it Works

Boone’s Blooms Subscriptions for Clients, monthly flowers with your card or message. What a memorable Thank you that keeps YOUR NAME top of mind. Every client is going to rave to their friends about your thoughtful and beautiful gift! Staging flowers, yep, we do that! Flowers made a house a HOME. Welcome Home your clients with a beautiful Boone’s Blooms arrangement. Interested in upgrading your Arrangement with locally made items? We’ve got you covered with cutting boards, coastal beads, candles and other options. Please Contact us for Details.

Boone’s Blooms at Home

Flower Boutique

Coffee Table…Entry Ways…Console Tables…Dining Area…Kitchen Islands….Really, where wouldn’t flowers brighten your home and make your house more harmonious?!

“Happines is to hold flowers in both hands.”

– Japanese Proverb

Boone’s Blooms at HOME offers a Perfectly Curated Flower arrangement for YOUR home. Maybe that’s a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly delivery. Let’s discuss what might best meet your unique needs.

Dinner Parties, Celebrations, Low Country Boils, Oyster Parties, Wine Tastings – Heck yeah, you need flowers! Let’s chat!

Seasonal – Absolutely we can help with table flowers or whatever you may fancy to make your event or gathering even better.

Pet friendly arrangements – Boone’s personal stamp of approval for his feline friends!

Boone’s Blooms At Home Flower Subscriptions, because flowers every week or month would be dreamy! We have options from affordable to spectacular. Please reach out and let’s chat about the perfect Subscription program for you and your home!

Gatherings & Celebrations

What’s a Gathering without Flowers? Enough said…..

Reach out to Boone’s Blooms and we’ll Curate a Perfectly charming and distinctive addition to your already amazing Gathering.

Birthday, Anniversaries, Special Happenings – We’d love to help!

Boone’s Blooms

Subscription Program

Boone’s Blooms Subscription Flowers are a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly arrangement with seasonal, high quality flowers in your home on a regular schedule. As a flower boutique, we offer personal service and unique designs, consulting with our clients on preferences of flowers and colors. Maybe you love red roses but hate lilies, this will be included in your profile. We will then coordinate on the best schedule for delivery. Boone’s Blooms Monthly Subscriptions 3, 6 and 12 months What’s your perfect delivery schedule Treat your favorite person or yourself to the gift of Boone’s Blooms Scheduled Flowers! Contact us today to learn more!

For Questions and Inquiries

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